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Act & Buy

This is our Brand Directory. You can find Brands via their Name, Product categories or the Products they offer. By applying filters to your search, you're able to find the brands that best match up with your individual values. You can see how other costumers rate the brand in terms of sustainability, as well as an expert Rating, where experts from the field rate the brands sustainability. However what one person believes is sustainable another might not. This is why on the Brand profile you have an overview of the most commonly looked at aspects for sustainability in a Brand. You always have the option to dig a little deeper, directly via the Brand profile, just look for the various learn more buttons. You also have the possibility to leave a comment with Questions, suggestions or your experience with the brand in the past. This way you can help others, get answers the brand might not have provided or give valuable feedback to the brand so they know what to improve or what they are doing right- feedback doesn't always have to be negative, It's nice to get acknowledged for the things you're doing good ;)

Give & Support

There are many good causes and organisations to support on this beautiful planet we live on, however it can be hard to find them or the right one for you. This is why we created the Pillar give/support. We want to help shine a light on causes that need our help and attention as well as the organisations that are trying so hard to make a difference. Sadly not every organisation is as trustworthy as others. Just like our Brand directory helps with transparency in Brands our Pillar of Give/Support helps with transparency in Organisations. Here as well you can get more in depth information on the causes an organisation is supporting, how they are doing it, what other peoples experience with the organisation is/was and you can again get in contact with the organisation via the comment section to ask questions, give feedback or share your experience for others to see.


They say you never stop learning- we very much agree with that statement and we love to learn more about the world every day that we are alive. Sometimes however we've noticed that it can be hard to find where we can learn more or we stumble across a topic that fascinates us and wish we'd found it earlier in our lives. This is where the Pillar Learn is coming into the picture. Here you can not only find out about things that, well.. exist! But also where you can learn more about them. That may be Courses, Workshops, Events, you name it, there are opportunities to learn all around us, in all different shapes and forms! And, you probably guessed it by now; People and professionals in the field can again rate their experience. This is important here as well because there is a lot of information out there but it gets harder and harder to filter out the quality information, the truth, and the current state of knowledge as researchers find out more about how this wonderful universe works every day.


Have some money to spend but don't know where to put it; I'll link you my bank account on the bottom ;) Just kidding...

Investment has become a big part of our economy and more and more people want to invest their money. Every penny you spend is a vote for the future you want to live in, so especially if you decide to invest in the future for yourself, why not think about our planet and the people on it too? We want to make it easy for you to find a company or cause to invest in so your money can make positive change in the world. Investment is scary and sometimes a leap of faith. By applying filters to find the best match with your values, then comparing the matches, learning more about what or who you are investing in as well as reading experiences of other investors, you can feel safe and good about the investment you are making.